Post Landing

Post Landing Services - Plan your Post Landing Settlement with No Hassle

Plan your overseas move smoothly with GT Visa Guru as it offers the best post landing services in India. We are here to help you devise our overseas plan in the most efficient way possible by offering the best post landing services in India. Moving to another country involves a lot of steps to follow to execute the plan successfully. GT Visa Guru is known for offering the best post visa services and post landing services in India for countries such as the USA and Canada. USA and Canada post landing services are offered with absolute satisfaction to our clients. Our scoop of services enables you to make a smooth settlement into a foreign land. With the best professional team of GT Visa Guru , you stay assured that we’ve got your back. However, we may not be able to be present with you in your dream country, but our post landing services in India for various countries would get you through everything.

GT Visa Guru offers a wide range of services such as Canada post landing services, US post landing services, and many more. Our post-landing services are developed to offer you peace of mind state when you first land in a foreign country. Post landing Canada you will be assisted by our finest set of services to ensure you don’t face hassle in your initial days. Moreover, we also offer pre landing services Canada. Post landing Canada services will smooth your process of settling down. Apart from this, avail our post landing services America. US post landing services are highly demanded and we cater to our clients’ needs completely. If you seek any kind of information about Post Landing Services America or Canada, contact our officials at GT Visa Guru.

The migration process does not end with arrival at the destination. In a new country, students require few basic things organized before embarking on their studies. Our Post landing assistance ensures the smooth transition in the new country.  Our associates will provide all necessary post landing assistance which includes services like

  • Airport pick up
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Bank account opening
  • Mobile SIM card
  • Guidance on part time job etc.
  • It is only after our students settle down we feel that we have completed our task.
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