Are you looking to Study in Europe?

Europe is the best place, full of new possibilities. Along with this, the education system of Europe is most appreciated in the world which means after completing your studies you come back with a globally acknowledged degree along with a lifetime memories and experiences. It is one of the most favorable locations to pursue postgraduate study and many students prefer to continue their PhD program here. This is because of the high reputation of European education and great standard of living. The country is known for the quality of education and universities which are among the top ranked universities of the world.Living and studying in Europe can prove to be a wonderful chance to explore and gain knowledge. Studying in Europe can be an educational as well as adventurous experience as students get a chance to learn about the chosen course and the history of Europe.

Reasons why Europe is a preferred study destination Financial Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of continuing a masters degree or PhD course in Europe is the cheaper tuition fees than that of other countries like USA, the UK, etc. For example, if you study in private or state university of the United States of America then the tuition fee may vary between $13,000 and $35,000. But in Europe the tuition fee of postgraduate course varies between €5,000 to €25,000 depending upon the course and university. But most of the postgraduate courses for international students costs around €15,000 which is very less as compared to the USA.

Quality of Life

Aside from affordable fee structure and numerous world wide scaled universities, Europe provides high standard of living to the postgraduate students. The country offers discounts on traveling, shopping, cinema tickets and restaurants to students. International students in Europe get a chance to experience a life beyond studying and gain lifetime experience and memories.

Language Skills

Europe will help you to learn a new language more frequently – for example, if you are from India and you have decided to study your masters from any European country, it will enhance your English speaking skills. Learning a new language always adds points to your resume as it marks your willingness to learn and explore.

Home to Innovation

Sweden is the home to the technology and software which are used globally on every day basis. For example spotify, minecraft, candy crush, angry birds and skype are all from European countries like Sweden and Finland.

European education System

Process to get Admission in European Countries

If you are planning to continue your higher studies from Europe, then you need to follow the following admission process.

  • You must have all your academic documents and transcripts ready.
  • Courier all the documents to college address.
  • The recognition takes almost one month.
  • On the recognition of documents, college forwards offer letter to the student.
  • Students accepts the acceptance letter and submit the required documents to the embassy.

Required documents

Following are the required documents to apply for European study visa:

  • Passport with a validity of minimum 18 months
  • 10th mark sheet and certificate
  • 12th mark sheet and certificate
  • Birth certificate translated in English and notarized
  • 10 Photographs with dimensions – 4.5*3.5 cm, 70% face
  • Official acceptance letter from university
  • HIV test reports
  • All documents authorized by the embassy
  • li>visa fees
  • Receipt of college fee payment

Job Opportunities in Europe

If you are from a native English speaking country then by knowing a second European language, you can increase the job opportunities. Due to the high quality of education, European degrees can help you along your career path.

In Europe, the students need to actively make a network with recruiters as well as students. European educational institutes organize carrier boards in which students get a chance to speak to the recruiters face to face and get to ask questions related to their doubts.

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